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shhh I can't see you :iconmiss-firestar:Miss-FireStar 1 2 Kenshin :iconmiss-firestar:Miss-FireStar 1 0 Hope :iconmiss-firestar:Miss-FireStar 1 5 Eye road :iconmiss-firestar:Miss-FireStar 2 2
Last times
Last time I found a frog to eat.
Last  dream, I spit up my guts.
Last  year looks like this year.
Last time, I did it only once.
Last breath, wonder when it comes.
Last word, never belongs to me.
Last time it was all my fault.
Last week looks the same as this week.
No more lasts, when they all stay the same.
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Copy Bat :iconmiss-firestar:Miss-FireStar 2 4 Thumb hero :iconmiss-firestar:Miss-FireStar 1 0 Nekozawa the puppet :iconmiss-firestar:Miss-FireStar 1 4 Petter Rabbit :iconmiss-firestar:Miss-FireStar 6 8 Weird Batman :iconmiss-firestar:Miss-FireStar 0 7 Scissor tail flycatcher :iconmiss-firestar:Miss-FireStar 2 2
After the dog jumped in
The dog jumped into the lake, to have a good swim.
A duck landed on his head and said, "Mind if I have a rest?"
The dog thought on this for ahwille and then said.
"No I don't think it will be a bad thing, go ahead."
"Goodies." replyed the duck, with joy he flaped his wings.  A frog jumped on the duck and asked," May I sit on your back? All the flys are wiser today and want to fly higher then I can reach."  "Hmm" wondered the duck about this qustion.
" I think that would be ok, hop on."
"Very, very nice."The frog said bobbing his head in his glee.  
A Fly taped the frogs back and the frogs asks,
"What is it that you want?"
" I have a sinking feeling that some one wants to eat me, do you think I could hide on your back?" The frog get a strange look on his face then he says, "Why would some one be so cruel to eat you? You can hide behind me for sure."
"Yippe!!"Yelled the happy fly.  
The frog let out a long sigh of relief, for the life of the fly. H
:iconmiss-firestar:Miss-FireStar 1 3
Broken Hearts
In the rain there was heard a little squeal. A little kitten was shivering under the old weeping willow.  Over a distance on the hill stands a girl under her umbrella.
The cat looks at the figure; she trembles in fear," What could this creature do to me?" shuders the thoughts of the cat. The girl starts to walk forward towards the cat.
As the girl walks into the light of the moon it is seen that she looks like a doll in a big dress and skin as pale as the moon. What is resting in her arms is a shock to the kitten, it is her mother. She sets her mother beside her, her mother accepts her again and lets her eat of her milk. The girl oddly smiles at the mother and daughter reunited.  She losses her smile as she feels the eyes of some one on the same hill she was on. As she slowly looks over her shoulder, she jumps at the sound of a fierce growl. She turns and stares at the huge dog bound in muscles. Her eyes squint at him, he barks and her eyes pop open as she remembers
:iconmiss-firestar:Miss-FireStar 1 0
Cloudy Fun
I had no friends to play with.      
The rain wanted so bad, to just blow in my eyes
A cloud floated down so low that I caught it.
I then started to have a snack on it.
A bird landed on on the other side,
It's so sad that he gave me the evil eye.
I leaned on the cloud to reach over to the bird.
As my strong hold loosened.
The cloud decided to rise back up.
My scream scared the bird to jump on my head.
Up and up we go, and now the bird screams
There are now tons of cloulds around me.
I find the courage and I jump to the next cloud.
The bird and I have fun as we play on the clouds
Untill the sun sets... I hear my mother yell
I find the nearest tree.
To slide down, to run in for supper.
I smile at my thoughts of all
The cloudy fun I had today.
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Batgirl and Robin :iconmiss-firestar:Miss-FireStar 1 0 Flyingwebs: Spiderman :iconmiss-firestar:Miss-FireStar 1 1

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I've love FFH ever since i saw them live at my old church

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ham nah ham na blahhhhh heh heh I'm a bore


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